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Salesforce recently announced a cloud backup solution at its Dreamforce event that enables a complete data recovery and backup system for businesses. The new solution, called ‘Backup and Restore’, is designed with the same simplicity as the rest of the services and tools developed by Salesforce. What can we expect from Salesforce Backup?

It is a challenging moment for companies. Data is widely dispersed due to remote work and as a result, it is essential to have a good data restore system.

At Nuvolar, we are a software development company and a certified Salesforce consulting partner with 12+ years of experience in the…

Covid-19 has changed organizations drastically. From one day to another, companies had to adapt to 100% remote work scenarios. At Nuvolar, we decided to implement a policy based on flexibility, allowing our employees to decide where they want to work at any time. In this article, we’ll explain how we managed to make it happen, what we have done to cope with the challenges, and what our approach looks like moving forward.

Written by: Claudia Regàs, HR Associate at Nuvolar.

One of our core values at Nuvolar is adapting to new challenges and being flexible in every aspect.

We are driven by change and new challenges. Technology, businesses, people, and the world around us are constantly changing, and so we are.


4 weeks, 5 groups and 1 common goal: Create future opportunities for more than 1,700 children and teens at risk of exclusion, providing them with training in technological skills to improve their school performance. That’s what this initiative is all about. The real challenge?: Collecting € 1,200 in only 4 weeks to afford the expenses of these training courses. The tools to achieve it?: Our own feet!

The COVID pandemic has increased even more the technology gap for many families, deepening their social exclusion.

At “Casal dels Infants”, they are very aware of this issue. …

Are you implementing a CRM in your company to promote a more agile customer relationship management system? Congratulations! You’re making an excellent decision. This indicates that your focus is set on improving the customer experience and building a stronger, long-term relationship with your customers.

However, if your company is new…

Social media management is one of the most important jobs for brands today. In order to connect with potential customers, companies must stay active on their various online profiles. To facilitate the management of social networks, Salesforce Marketing Cloud launched its new Social Studio solution.

Some of the functions included…

Agile methodologies are some of our favorites, as they are the working models we use at Nuvolar to develop our solutions. Thanks to these frameworks, we can develop high-quality applications faster and with more convenient technical methods. Partly, this is because these procedural frameworks prioritize partial deliveries of the developments…

Nuvolar Works

We are a Barcelona-based tech company. We focus on creating cloud tailor-made solutions, 100% adapted to your business strategy and dreams.

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