The drastic changes in the way we work and communicate that technology has brought about

The changes that technological advances have brought about in the way we work and communicate are evident. In recent decades, innovations have come one after another, redefining the way we live and relate to our environment. Here are just a few of these technological advances.

Mobile communications and video calling platforms have changed the way we work

Mobile communication made it easier for employees and executives to interact with their companies from anywhere. So did the interaction between journalists and the media they worked for, in order to transmit news to the press or do live interviews. This reduced dependence on fixed telephones. However, it is worth mentioning that this type of communication continues to be used today in media such as radio and television.

Subsequently, the incorporation of the Internet to mobile devices was the next IT leap. With it came the possibility of interacting in social networks via cell phones. Soon after, the improvement of video calls over the Internet — first for computers and then for cell phones — made possible the simultaneous transmission of audio and image. And with it, the emergence of a new way of working: teleworking.

Teleworking, another way of working

Social networks as a means of interaction and a way of working

But the use of this strategy not only benefited the product promotion area but also provided an extremely valuable source of unstructured data. Social media are “sounding boards” where users comment on their experiences with brands. From the quality of the products themselves to customer service and after-sales support. The positive opinions of a user awaken the interest of their contacts, which can lead to more sales for the company. However, negative opinions tend to go “viral” (a term coined by social networks); and this can end up generating an image crisis with effects that can be disastrous for brands.

New professional profiles generated by social networks

As we said, social media are a source of unstructured data derived from followers’ comments and reactions. The volume of data generated by this form of interaction has led to its management being included in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. In this way, the capture, analysis and monitoring of this data is more efficient. Incidentally, this is one of the actions we work on most at Nuvolar, developing customized solutions on Salesforce CRM for our clients.

Innovation in the way we work through Big Data, IoT, AI, and applications.

A few decades ago, predicting changes in consumer behavior was a costly and arduous process for brands. Personalization of offers and products was not an issue within agencies or marketing departments. Today, thanks to a combination of technologies, it is possible to collect large amounts of data generated by consumer interactions. Whether from off and online purchases, comments and reactions on social networks or contacts with after-sales support; Big Data and analytics solutions using Artificial Intelligence algorithms make it possible to collect and process this data. From this, we extract the really valuable data that another resource, Machine Learning, will be in charge of interpreting, generating suggestions for decision making. In other cases, the latter is even capable of executing routine decisions on its own.

IoT, solutions and applications

We have already talked about solutions and applications on other occasions. You know that they are our specialty at Nuvolar. But it goes without saying that in the various areas in which they are used, they facilitate the work, either by automating routine tasks or allowing the monitoring of processes, as in the case of CRM and ERP, for example.

Cryptocurrencies, what technology was lacking

In recent months, cash payments have fallen sharply. This could accelerate the long-predicted replacement of cash by virtual currencies managed by central banks. So it is not unreasonable to think that “cryptos” will soon become common currencies. All this will generate sensitive changes in the economy and in the value of work.

At Nuvolar we adapt to the changes generated by technology.

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